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Furniture can be both a craft and a art. The beauty of our furniture is created by craftsmen and keeping their hands warm based on harmony and proportion of shapes, textures, colors, wood, a kind of picture that every tree species is unique. But the veneer figure in all its beauty can only show the master, creating true works of art – exquisite and refined, functional and comfortable, and simply beautiful interior.

The history of furniture dates back millennia and already in their early furniture was often made of precious varieties of trees – red, black, sandal, etc. Hence the name masters of complex, sophisticated furniture of expensive varieties of wood is the cabinetry.

Only in the 17th century, cabinetmakers were used for furniture production wood is the root of the tree, and then was recognized the unique beauty of the picture it is wood veneer root, and such veneer was used only for the production of the finest and most expensive pieces.

Figure veneer must be fanciful, bright and so so appreciated veneer from wood of the root is the intricacy of its patterns, curls creates a unique pattern, a pattern that is able to enrich the furniture, and probably no human imagination can not be compared with this natural drawing, which does not leave indifferent neither one man.