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Textile products

The Company carries out exportation of textile products, such as cotton yarn, knitted fabric, fabrics, and finished textile products. Textile products made by domestic manufacturers are exported to Russia, China, Turkey, European and other countries of the world. The Company has established close partnership with textile enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan, since in domestic markets cotton fibre is sold through SJSC companies of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investment and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Company’s annual export volumes of textile products equal to 50 mln.USD.  
You can get more detailed information on textile products in the reference given below:   
Prices quoted, payment and delivery terms are negotiable and subject to amendments depending on the quantity of order and payment terms.    
Placement of orders for textile products at enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan is possible; where a customer’s needs and wants will be taken into consideration.