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gold jewelry

"Uzinterimpex" JS FTC is pleased to announce that has an opportunity to supply gold jewelry in the form of chains and bracelets (machine and hand weaving), stamped pendants and engagement rings at a price of its own production. Most of the products have a diamond cut.
Distinctive features of the product are the purity of gold and silver alloys - products produced from the stock primary metals without adding waste.
Standardized alloys, gold sample 585 ° (AuAgZnCu-585-35-10) and 750 ° (AuAgCu 750-150); all products are at the stage of finishing operations is subject to a special chemical cleaning and tumbled, followed by ultrasonic washer, which provides enrichment and strengthening the surface layer of the product and gives it a great shine.
Jewelry manufacturing plant is equipped with modern equipment of leading world manufacturers.
In the production of gold alloys in the workpieces repeatedly tested for content of precious metals, and at the stage of readiness of each ornament being tested and branded the State Assay Office, which generally excludes absolutely negative tolerance on the content of the main components. In addition, the organization of jewelry factory complies with the requirements of the international standard "ISO 9001:2000", has been certified quality management system.
Price of one gram of gold jewelry is calculated on following basis:
- on terms of FCA Tashkent on the basis of price quotations of gold on the London Metal Exchange + 2 USD/gr for 1 kg MOQ.
The composition of the alloy 585: 58.5% - gold, 3.5% - silver, 37% - copper, 1% zinc. The composition of the alloy 750: 75.0% - gold, 15.0% - Silver, 10.0% - copper. Production is full-bodied, rhodium does not apply for products.
Form of payment: 100% advance payment or letter of credit.