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Licorice root

Pressed licorice proposed for implementation of a quality GOST 22839-88E, requirements which are as follows:

a) Moisture - not more than 12%

b) Impurities

- Flabby roots, white particles, particles

other plants, and so on - no more than 4%

- Soil, sand, pebbles - not more than 1.8%

Allowed for the production of an extract from the roots and rhizomes of restrictive humidity - 20%. Appearance and size: different length, thickness from 7 mm to 30 mm. Roots outside covered with a thin layer of cork grayish-brown color. Roots in a break of light yellow color. Bale weight about 200 kg, the volume of one bale - 0.32 m3, one ton pressed licorice root is 1.8 m3, covered railway cars loaded 40 tons in the amount of 77m3, the quality certificate is issued for each car are shipped separately, according to state standards.




* Price per unit in U.S. dollars 

    Terms of delivery 

Pressed licorice 



 FCA Uzbekistan 

*All prices are for information only and is subject to change to beat because of the increased cost of production without prior notice.

Packing: in bales not trimmed cloth tied with metal tape, measuring the length of 80-85cm, width 50-53cm;

Payment Terms: 100% in advance;

Loading volume: 1 g / d car - 35-40 tons.